April 3, 2019

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Panel on Healthcare Reform

Hulston Hall, Room 7

Do we have a right to healthcare? Does universal coverage improve health?

The Mizzou Law Federalist Society has partnered up with the Health Law and Policy Club and Mizzou Law American Constitution Society to put on this fabulous event!

Mr. Michael Cannon of CATO, Professor Sam Halabi of Mizzou Law, and Professor Bridget Kevin-Myers of the Mizzou Trulaske College of Business will participate in a panel discussion on healthcare reform. This is a unique opportunity to hear these experts discuss this important issue.

As the director of CATO’s health policy studies, Mr. Cannon has been dubbed “Obamacare’s single most relentless antagonist” and “fiercest critic.” In addition to his scholarship on an array of health care issues, Professor Halabi was involved in the transition team for the Affordable Care Act. In her work as a health care attorney, Professor Kevin-Myers has assisted regional hospitals and health care systems and physician groups in contracting, financing and regulatory compliance matters. Not to mention, she has over 13 years of clinical experience during her time as a registered nurse.