November 20, 2023

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm, Central Time

Nebraska Separation of Powers Panel

UNL College of Law, Room 111, Lincoln, NE

A recent legal issue to arise in Nebraska is whether the Inspectors General's investigative powers granted by the Legislature violate Separation of Powers and are unconstitutional under the Nebraska Constitution. The University of Nebraska College of Law will host a panel discussion about these important issues including Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare Jennifer Carter, State Senator Danielle Conrad, Attorney General Mike Hilgers, and Professor Anthony Schutz. Panelists will discuss separation-of-powers principles under the Nebraska Constitution and their impact on legislative oversight and executive functions.

This event is part of the Law and Democracy Series. The Law and Democracy Series involves a number of speakers and events occurring at the University of Nebraska College of Law that address the degradation of democracy, the deep polarization in our political culture, and the role of lawyers in preserving and thinking about democracy and the rule of law. This Series is provided by generous support from Barb and Ron Schaefer.