October 2, 2018

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm, Pacific Time

Let's Taco Bout It -- Is Truth, Truth?

Charney Hall Room 202, Santa Clara, CA

Let's Taco Bout It is a renamed continuation of last year's ACS series "Podcasts & People." We are planning to splice snippets of video together under a common theme. The video will be watched, and paused occasionally, for discussion. When the video is finished, the room will be opened up for debate on the theme of the event. This event's theme will be "Is truth, truth?" Following Mr. Giuliani's appearance on TV a few months ago, and really going back further than 45's election, the entire notion of truth has come into question. We will be debating the notion of truth in this installment of Let's Taco Bout It.

As the name may imply, we are planning on bringing tacos to the event.