October 18, 2018

12:50 pm - 1:50 pm, Eastern Time

Legal Responses and Ramifications of the #MeToo Movement

Room 120, William & Mary Law School, Williamsburg, Virginia

ACS, the Women’s Law Society, and If/When/How: Law Students for Reproductive Justice will hold an important discussion of the ongoing legal reactions and responses to the #MeToo movement, with a particular focus on the landscape after the Kavanaugh hearings and confirmation. Professor Vivian Hamilton, 3L Mara Shingleton, Domestic Violence Clinic co-Director Lindsay Barna, and Assistant Director of Health Promotion Lindsey Mosvick will offer perspectives on legal structures related to the epidemic of sexual misconduct and take questions from the audience at the end. Professor Hamilton has written extensively on issues of race, gender, and sexuality; Mara worked in a Title IX office prior to law school and wrote a soon-to-be-published note analyzing due process in the Title IX context.