February 17, 2022

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm, Eastern Time

Law as a Force for Good Lunch Discussion Series

University of Maine School of Law 3rd Floor Annex, Portland, ME

How can law be used as a force for positive change? How can we promote progressive values and social

justice through the law? Come discuss these and related questions in a series of student-driven

discussions, hosted by the Maine Law Chapter of the American Constitution Society (ACS).

This discussion series aims to create a space for students to critically engage with the readings assigned

for Spring 1L courses and gather ideas about how the legal theories, cases, statutes, and so on can

hinder or advance social justice efforts. The purpose of the discussions is *not* to review class materials

towards an exam, outline, or anything else grade-directed. The discussions are meant to help students

complement their academic experience with student-centered activities that give progressive human

values a central place.

The discussions will center on particular ideas, decisions, rules, and other aspects of materials that have

been addressed recently in the Spring 1L courses. Participants are invited to suggest particular aspects

of the readings to focus on, and discussion will proceed organically. Students of all class years enrolled

in any courses are welcome to attend. If you are not enrolled in 1L courses, you can email ACS to find

out what has been covered recently or check out ACS on social media.

NOTE: We are planning three different discussions during Spring 2022, but the dates for the other two aren't yet finalized. There will be one in March and one in April.