April 9, 2024

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Eastern Time

Freedom of Speech on Campus Discussion

University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, 48226, MI

This event will be co-hosted with the Detroit Mercy Law Federalist Society! Catering will be provided by Big Salad. 

The following discussion will occur:

Topic: Free Speech on Campus

1. Definition of terms:

a. What is speech?

b. Free speech on private campuses (largely free of government control)

c. Free speech on public campuses (1st Amendment/5th & 14th Amendment)

d. Academic freedom – 1940 AAUP statement sets the definition for most purposes. (mention but not the focus of the event)

2. How is student speech treated differently on campus vs. off-campus?

3. What are the threats to freedom of speech on campus?

a. Threats from government 

i. Anti-DEI

ii. Pro-DEI

iii. Efforts to control what subjects are taught and discussed.

iv. Efforts to mandate balance in teaching.

b. Threats from private individuals

i. Disruption of speaking events.

ii. Use of donations to control institutions.

iii. “Cancellation” – Social backlash for unpopular speech

c. Threats from universities

i. Discrimination in student organization formation and regulation.

ii. Discrimination in who is invited to speak.

iii. Use of the disciplinary process to punish speech.

4. What laws regulate these threats to campus speech?

5. What are the relevant considerations when determining what speech should be allowed on campus?