October 28, 2019

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm, Pacific Time

Ethical LA: Meet the Executive Director of the LA Ethics Commission

Robinson Courtroom [G101], Los Angeles, California

Heather Holt, Public Watchdog 

Executive Director of the LA City Ethics Commission

Join us for pizza and a lunchtime chat with the Executive Director of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission! Charged with administering City and state laws related to campaign financing, governmental ethics, lobbying and contracts, the LA City Ethics Commission is tasked with upholding the integrity of LA City government and elections. Come learn about Heather and the day to day of running the Commission, as well as, the host of opportunities for law students in a career in public policy. In particular, we will highlight the process through which city initiatives, such as the Commission’s recent recommendation to ban campaign contributions from non-individuals and developers and to restrict behest payments, are accomplished on a legislative level.