September 17, 2019

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, Eastern Time

Constitution Day Panel Discussion

Rafael Diaz Balart Hall Room 2008, Miami, FL

The event will host a panel of four professors from FIU Law. The topic will consist of "What Are the Best and Worst Supreme Court Decisions".

Maybe the case stands for a great precedent, or maybe the case overrules one; maybe it’s just a funny read because of something one of the judges said, or maybe it’s the greatest miscarriage of justice to ever occur. Maybe there was something going on not written into the opinion (an amusing anecdote). This is will be a purely opinion based discussion aimed at providing students with an entertaining yet informative event. Currently the following professors have been confirmed to speak:

*Ediberto Roman (Faculty Advisor)
*Howard Wasserman (Faculty Advisor)
*Stephen Harper