April 1, 2019

12:50 pm - 2:00 am, Eastern Time

Civil Asset Forfeiture Talk with Dan Alban from the Institute for Justice

William & Mary Law School, Williamsburg, VA

The Institute for Justice is a public interest law firm that seeks to enhance civil liberties in America, and lawyers from the group made a well-received oral argument before the Supreme Court on November 28 in a challenge to Indiana's civil asset forfeiture law. Their client, Tyson Timbs, had his $42,000 Land Rover possessed by the state after being arrested on drug distribution charges, despite a $10,000 maximum statutory fine for his offense. Indiana's defense that the Constitution's prohibition on excessive fines did not apply to the states was roundly mocked by the Justices, and a victory will have the potential to strike down similar policies in other states. Looking forward to hearing more from Mr. Alban on this and other civil liberties issues.