November 14, 2019

5:00 pm - 8:30 pm, Eastern Time

Can I Say Whatever I Want in the Media?

Rutgers Law School, Newark, NJ

This event is based on how far free speech rights extend in the media. There is a lot of discussion on the President in the media and people wonder, can I really say what I want without consequences for or against government officials? Can I be sued for using my free speech to support a message without having to be concerned with being sued? There are plenty of questions that can be answered through a panel discussion on how free speech in the media is affected by defamation lawsuits, and how free speech rights are balanced with defamation. The topics of this panel will be presented on a small stage with a power point in the background posing questions. Audience members can tweet a question they have for the panel as well as participate in the discussion through text in trivia questions on the board. Once the panel concludes there will be a short intermission where dinner will be served. After this intermission people will have the opportunity to eat dinner during the People Vs Larry Flynt screening. The panel is scheduled for 5pm and the dinner and movie screening are scheduled to begin at 6:15pm. The event will be cosponsored by the Legal Film Society at Rutgers Law.