September 12, 2023

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm, Mountain Time

BYU Chapter Opening Social

Prof. Gedick's House, Orem, UT

The BYU ACS Chapter will host an opening social and recruitment event for new members on September 12, 2023. Chapter leadership will introduce themselves and ACS, and will give an overview of ACS, its mission, and what we do here at BYU Law. We'll also discuss clerkships, Get Out the Vote initiatives, and a preview of the semester. We anticipate about 30 current and new members of ACS to attend, but we have yet to get any RSVPs (our initial student organization rush week is next Friday, and we will know better then how many will attend.

Prof. Fred Gedicks is hosting in his backyard, and we hope that he and other ACS-friendly professors will also attend and speak.