September 12, 2018

6:10 pm - 7:00 pm, Eastern Time

Because She's Powerful: Building a Movement of Directly Impacted Women to End the Harms of Mass Incarceration

Room 129, New Haven, CT

Join Gina Clayton-Johnson as she shares lessons learned along her path from law school to public defense to building the nation's leading organization of women with incarcerated loved ones. Gina co-authored a report earlier this year with YLS student Brittany Farr and will delve into the findings and impetus for the study, the first of its kind exposing the impact of mass incarceration on women who have loved ones behind bars. She will also discuss the current controversial state of bail reform in California which just passed a bill to end the bail industry and the importance of community-centered lawyering. 


Gina Clayton-Johnson is the founder and Executive Director of the Essie Justice Group. Ms. Clayton-Johnson built on her background of public defense in Harlem, NY to found the Essie Justice Group, an organization dedicated to harnessing the collective power of women with incarcerated loved ones to end mass incarceration’s harm to women and communities.