September 20, 2023

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm, Pacific Time

Affirmative Action and After: SFFA v. Harvard

Room 104, Santa Clara, CA

This will be a co-sponsored event with BLSA, discussing the legality as well as current and future implications of the Supreme Court’s recent opinion in SFFA v. Harvard (*underlined*). This event is intended to be informative, and will be highlighting the importance of this ruling by analyzing how it will change the landscape of applications and admissions.

The event will be kicked off with an introduction made by our very own Dean Michael Kaufman. He will help set the groundwork and will introduce our first speaker. Our other speakers have been listed below with a brief background provided for each.

Professor Joondeph of Santa Clara University School of Law will be speaking at the event. More information about Professor Joondeph can be found here:

Santa Clara University School of Law's General Counsel Kelly Capan Douglas will be speaking at the event. (

Tinnetta Thompson will also be speaking at the event. She works in the Department of Police Accountability in SF and is the Co-Chair of the Equality Committee on Minorities.

Additionally, we plan to fly out Lee Cheng, a founding member of the Asian American Coalition for Education, to speak at the event. ( This will be the only speaker that's attendance will depend on travel reimbursement. (We are aware of the four week lead time for travel reimbursements, but the timeline we operated on unfortunately only left us with two weeks lead time. There will be more information on our request in the reimbursement request form.

The Center for Social Justice and Public Service here at Santa Clara is going to also co-sponser and provide lunch for the event. As such, ACS Santa Clara will only be seeking reimbursement for Mr. Cheng's travel expenses.