October 18, 2023

3:05 pm - 4:05 pm, Central Time

ACS Presents Professor Bagley: The Truth about Delegation at the Founding

Vanderbilt Law School

Please join ACS for a lecture event on current issues with the administrative state with Professor Bagley!

Professor Nicholas Bagley is from the University of Michigan Law School. He is an expert in administrative and health law. From 2020-2022, he was Special Counsel and then Chief Legal Advisor for Governor Whitmer of Michigan. He recently published, "Delegation at the Founding," an article that challenges the notion that the Constitution's original meaning imposed restrictions on the delegation of legislative power. He also has written, "The Procedure Fetish," where he argues that the current procedural restrictions on the administrative state are simultaneously failing to boost its legitimacy while frustrating attempts to build a more effective government.