February 2, 2022

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Mountain Time

ACS Montana: Representing Afghanistan Asylum Applicants


The International Refugee Committee is working to assist more than 75 Afghani nationals relocating to Montana. Most of these individuals assisted the U.S. government, helped U.S. troops, or were otherwise engaged in democratic activities that the current Afghan government opposes. The U.S. government has identified these individuals, transported them to the United States, and given them temporary legal status to live and work in this country. Each is eligible to apply for asylum.

This CLE will provide essential training for lawyers willing to provide pro bono representation to an Afghan national seeking asylum. The CLE will:

  • Explain the elements of asylum law and provide an update on current statutes, cases, and regulations that are applicable to this status
  • Evaluate the practical steps in preparing an asylum application, which include interviewing clients, working with translators, filling out specific forms, and preparing the application to conform with the legal elements of asylum
  • Assist lawyers in how to prepare their clients for their asylum interviews, how to respond to the potential outcomes, and how to provide qualifying family members with derivative asylee status

One hour of CLE credit will also focus on cultural competency issues related to working with asylum seekers who have experienced past trauma, including legal ethical considerations. This portion of the CLE will focus on the practical issues of how to identify trauma in a client, how to interview clients who have endured trauma, and how to navigate cultural norms when preparing an asylum application.

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