July 18, 2023

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm, Eastern Time

ACS Hill: Competition Policy and Inequality: How Antitrust Regulation Abetted the Rise of the 1% and What Congress Can Do About It

For over 40 years, policymakers laid the groundwork for consolidation across the economy, which is driving wealth inequality, price gouging, and supply chain shortages. From outrageous junk fees to restrictive non-compete agreements and destabilizing bank mergers, the impact of consolidation is hard to miss. Thankfully, there is a growing trend to take action. Two years ago, President Biden issued a competition policy executive order mandating a whole-of-government approach to tackle monopoly power throughout the economy. Congress has an important role to play in implementing pro-competition policies. Seizing this moment, however, requires progressive staffers who understand competition and antitrust to ensure Congress advances equitable economic outcomes. The briefing will provide an overview of the relevant law and policy and highlight hot topics in courts and on the Hill.


Ganesh Sitaraman, Professor of Law, Director of the Program on Law and Government, and New York Alumni Chancellor’s Chair in Law at Vanderbilt University.

RSVP: CapitolHillACS@gmail.com