April 14, 2022

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm, Central Time

ACS & BLSA Death Penalty Panel

This email contains information on the panel that ACS and BLSA will host tomorrow, entitled, “Julius Jones: The Death Penalty and (In)visibility of Race”

Panelists: Each panelist has a different perspective on the impact of racism on the criminal legal system. Mr. Baich represents Julius Jones in his case and pending clemency application. Ms. Ekwerekwu is deeply involved in the Julius Jones case, a movement lawyer in OKC, and works with the Oklahoma County Public Defender's Office to decrease mass incarceration. Professor Kolar is a law professor and expert in capital punishment issues.

Dale Baich: Arizona Federal Public Defender's Office (Capital Habeas Unit), member of the Julius Jones legal team

Francie Ekwerekwu: TEEM Pretrial Jail Release Initiative Program Director, Oklahoma County Asst. Public Defender, Julius Jones advocate

Maria Kolar: Oklahoma City University School of Law Professor, served on the Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission