September 14, 2018

8:00 am - 9:00 am, Eastern Time

ACS Athens: An Ideas and Eggs Breakfast: The Next Governor and the Georgia Supreme Court

Big City Bread, Athens, GA

Join the Athens Laywer Chapter for the next installation in its Ideas and Eggs breakfast series, bringing together progressive leaders and activists for lively conversations on national and local legal and policy issues.

The Kavanaugh nomination has turned the eyes of the nation to SCOTUS, but Athenians who look closer to home will see that conservatives have reshaped the Georgia Supreme Court as well. By the end of his term, Governor Deal will have appointed five of its nine members (the Republican-controlled legislature packed the court with two additional seats in 2016).

What has the increasingly conservative Georgia Supreme Court done in key areas of the law, including criminal justice, torts, the death penalty, civil justice and individual rights? How does the appointment process work, and why has Governor Deal been so successful in using it? And what can a new governor do to put her or his stamp on the court?


Russell Gabriel.jpg

Russell Gabriel, Clinical Professor, University of Georgia School of Law 

Please order and pay at Big City Bread’s counter and join our group (outside in good weather).


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