December 13, 2022

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Eastern Time

ACS At-Large: Afghan and Ukrainian Refugees in the US: Lawyers to the Rescue

Afghan and Ukrainian Refugees in the US: Lawyers to the Rescue-How You Can Help

Want to learn more about asylums and the current challenges of refugees in the USA

today? Attend this virtual panel to learn more about the experiences and

challenges facing recent refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine and how legal

advocates and organizations are addressing those challenges. 



Florence Otaigbe-Nkwocha is an Immigration Attorney at Church World Service working in their Legal Services department providing services to asylum seekers and refugees. Prior to joining Church World Service, she worked at a number of public interest legal organizations on issues ranging from immigration to racial justice to family law. She brings a social justice lens

to her lawyering, and hopes to play a role in bringing about change in her communities. She runs the Church World Service Afghan refugee program out of New York City.


Brandon Dollinger has passed the NY State bar exam and is awaiting admission to the New York bar. He oversees the Church World Service Ukrainian refugee program in New York City.


Jan H. Brown is the Vice President of the At-Large Chapter of the American Constitution Society. He is also Co-Chair – New York State Bar Association Immigration and Nationality Committee and is the former Chair – American Immigration Lawyers Association, NY Chapter. Mr. Brown is a published author in the field of US immigration laws and a frequent lecturer on diverse immigration related topics for the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the New York State Bar Association, among other groups.




Brandon Dollinger, Law Clerk, Church World Service-Ukranian Refugee Program 


Florence Otaigbe-Nkwocha, Immigration Attorney, Church World Service-Afghan Refugee Program




Jan H. Brown, Immigration Attorney, Law Offices of Jan H. Brown: Vice President, ACS At-Large Chapter; Co-Chair, NYSBA International Section Immigration and Nationality Committee


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