New York Lawyer Chapter

ACS is the nation’s largest progressive legal network. We strive to ensure that the Constitution and the law work for all people by empowering leaders and informing discourse. The ACS New York Lawyer Chapter hosts events on the local and national impact of the courts and the Constitution.

Board of Directors

Taylor Anvid - Member-at-Large

Seanna Brown - Liaison to the Advisory Board

Michael Chang - Organization Outreach Co-Chair

Michael Cowles - Organization Outreach Co-Chair

Reece Dameron - Secretary

David Howard - Publicity and Media Chair

Amy Larsen - Co-Chair

Caitlin Millat - Law School Liaison

Lia Minkoff - Co-Chair

Malvina Nathanson - Elected Member-at-Large

Christopher Neff - Elected Member-at-Large

Matthew Shahabian - Vice Chair

Beth Williams - Diversity Chair