2018 Program Guide: Safeguarding the Rule of Law

The American Constitution Society is pleased to present our 2018 Program Guide and Speakers List:


Safeguarding the Rule of Law

Critics argue that the United States is currently being led by an executive who demonstrates autocratic tendencies, with a record of ignoring established legal processes, dismantling democratic conventions, and flouting norms that help preserve a stable, reliable government. In light of these concerns, ACS encourages chapters to host events in 2018 examining the rule of law in the federal system. The 2018 Program Guide is designed to assist both lawyer and student chapters in developing events that examine crucial rule of law concepts within our constitutional system, including separation of powers, democratic transparency and accountability, and norms and convention. This guide includes an introduction to these issues and their implications for myriad other, more specific issues, as well as resource lists, sample topic questions for potential events, and a list of speakers you might consider as you plan your unique 2018 programming.

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