Education Policy

  • April 27, 2010
    Education Policy

    If you think that law students are getting younger all the time, you may be right. New Hampshire legislators approved creation of a new, two-year college for students eager to attend law school.

    Pending approval from Gov. John Lynch, the American College of History and Legal Studies (ACHLS) would enroll students for two years and grant only one degree: a bachelor's in history and legal studies. Graduates of ACHLS with high grades would be guaranteed admission to the independent Massachusetts School of Law at Andover. Those most anxious to put law school behind them could even combine their second and final year at ACHLS with their first year at law school, if their grades meet certain standards.

    The Concord Monitor reports:

    ACHLS describes itself as the only college in the United States to focus solely on history. [The dean of Massachusetts School of Law at Andover and founder of ACHLS Lawrence] Velvel had planned to establish it in Massachusetts but found state law did not allow a college that offers only junior and senior years. He found no such difficulties in New Hampshire, where the recent legislation would allow the college to grant degrees. The school plans to open in rented space in a Salem office building.