September 28, 2015

The Progressive Legal Community Loses a Dynamic Leader

Constitutional Accoutability Center, Doug Kendall






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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Doug Kendall, 51, president and founder of the Constitutional Accountability Center (CAC) died Saturday, Sept. 26 after a battle with cancer. Kendall founded CAC in 2008 and served as its president until his death. Before launching CAC, Kendall was the head of the Community Rights Counsel, a public interest law firm devoted to protecting the environment.

ACS President Caroline Fredrickson on the passing of Doug Kendall:

ACS knows firsthand how important Doug Kendall and his work have been to pushing back against the right wing’s narrative that the U.S. Constitution is a staid document that can only be interpreted through the mindset of its framers. Kendall knew how important it was to change the conversation, and just as importantly understood that our Constitution is far more dynamic than the conservative legal movement would have us believe. He launched CAC with the ringing declaration that the U.S. Constitution “is, in its most vital respects, a progressive document.” He then proceeded to build an organization that ACS has been proud to work with on a number of occasions to bring his vision to bear on law and public policy and our discussion of the Constitution. CAC, under his leadership, has defended the Affordable Care Act, voting rights, marriage equality, immigration reform, race conscious admission policies in higher education, access to courts, campaign finance reform, and laws protecting the environment. Doug’s tireless and visionary work to ensure the progressive nature of the U.S. Constitution will continue to be carried out by the talented and devoted team at CAC.

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