January 4, 2016

Leading Law Scholars Detail Action President Obama Could Take to Lessen Gun Violence

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Obama Readies Executive Action on Gun Violence, Scholars Detail the Constitutional Ways

Contact: Paul Guequierre, pguequierre@acslaw.org

Washington, D.C. – As President Obama considers action to address gun violence, a letter of leading law scholars, organized by the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, lays out several constitutionally sound ways to curb gun violence.

The professors, including ACS Board members Elise Boddie, Erwin Chemerinsky and Adam Winkler, state, in part, “There are numerous actions the Administration can take which are fully consistent with the constitutional limitations on the President’s power, which preserve the Second Amendment rights of Americans, while reducing gun violence and saving lives.”

ACS President Caroline Fredrickson said, “The policies presented by some of the nation’s most respected legal scholars do not harm the Second Amendment, and would help make our nation safer. As President Obama considers taking steps to address the nation’s gun violence epidemic, we hope these ideas, from top-notch constitutional scholars, will be of great guidance.”

In a post for ACSblog about the letter sent to the president, UCLA law school professor Winkler wrote, that in reality the “Second Amendment gives the government wide leeway to regulate guns to enhance public safety. Moreover, the Constitution vests Obama with the obligation to insure that congressional mandates ‘be faithfully executed,’ enabling him to take executive action.”

See the full letter here.

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