April 10, 2013

D.C. Circuit Nominee Deserves Fair Hearing and Swift Vote, ACS Says

D.C. Circuit Nominee Deserves Fair Hearing and Swift Vote, ACS Says
Amanda Simon
Washington, D.C. – – The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear testimony today from Sri Srinivasan, a nominee to fill one of the four seats currently vacant on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Srinivasan currently works in the Department of Justice’s Office of the Solicitor General and, if confirmed, would be the first South Asian ever to serve on the D.C. Circuit.
Today there are only seven active judges on the 11-member D.C. Circuit Court and the court’s caseload remains strikingly heavy. This year the court has 1,315 cases yielding 188 cases per judge – much higher than the national average. Add to that the complex nature of the litigation and D.C. Circuit judges are crippled by their caseloads. President Obama is the first president in nearly 100 years who has not had a D.C. Circuit Court nominee confirmed during his first full term. President George W. Bush, however, had three judges confirmed during his two terms.
American Constitution Society President Caroline Fredrickson on today’s hearing:
“The D.C. Circuit is desperate for judges, and it’s time for the Senate to act. We are hopeful that today’s hearing lays the groundwork for a quick and fair vote for Sri. We can no longer afford to have these nominees held up by political posturing. Our justice system deserves no less.”
For more on the D.C. Circuit vacancy crisis, read former D.C. Circuit Chief Judge Patricia Wald’s op-ed in the Washington Post.
To speak with Fredrickson, contact Amanda Simon or Jeremy Leaming at press@acslaw.org or (202) 393-6187. To learn more about the judicial vacancy crisis, visit JudicialNominations.org.
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