May 5, 2014

ACS to Host Press Call on How Fair Courts Can Prevent Oklahoma-type Debacles

Clayton D. Lockett, Dahlia Lithwick, fair courts, Gov. Mary Fallin, Megan McCracken, Oklahoma



Nicholas Alexiou, ACS Associate Director for Network Communications

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oklahoma recently thrust the death penalty back into national debate when state officials, including Gov. Mary Fallin, put pressure on the state’s Supreme Court to allow the execution of two death row inmates to proceed. The court had originally stayed the executions to determine whether a new combination of drugs would pass state and federal constitutional muster, but it reversed its action only days later under intense political pressure. The first execution was horribly botched and the inmate, Clayton D. Lockett, died of a massive heart attack more than 40 minutes after state executioners had attempted to kill him. The second execution was postponed. Other states such as Texas, North Carolina, Georgia and Missouri have also attempted to keep their chemical protocols a secret. 

WHAT: A conference call with Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick and death penalty expert Megan McCracken of Berkeley Law. Speakers will make remarks and respond to questions.


  • Dahlia Lithwick, Courts and Law Correspondent, Slate
  • Megan McCracken, Eighth Amendment Resource Counsel, Death Penalty Clinic, U.C. Berkeley School of Law

WHEN: Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 3:00 p.m. Eastern

WHERE:  Reporters are invited to participate by calling (888) 572-7033 and entering the conference ID number: 8057532

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