March 25, 2015

ACS Reactions to Supreme Court’s Decisions in Ala. Redistricting and Pregnancy Discrimination Cases




Jeremy Leaming,

ACS President Caroline Fredrickson on Today’s Supreme Court Opinions in Pregnancy Discrimination Case and the Alabama Redistricting Case:

Today we applaud the Supreme Court for two decisions in cases challenging discrimination. The Roberts Court revived a challenge to a discriminatory workplace policy when it remanded Young v. UPS to the federal appeals court to provide Peggy Young the opportunity to show a UPS policy unjustly discriminated against her because she was pregnant. Also, in consolidated cases challenging redistricting by Alabama lawmakers, the Court’s majority rightly remanded the case to allow for further consideration of whether the voting scheme was racially discriminatory. Both decisions by the high court offer hope in a society that is harmed by unfair treatment of working women and racial minorities.