March 19, 2018

Voter Pre-registration

Democracy and Voting


On March 19, ACS hosted a conference call on voter pre-registration! The American Constitution Society has started a youth voter pre-registration initiative to encourage young people to vote and get involved in the democratic process as early as possible. This is a great opportunity to share this valuable information with your community. Teenagers, as early as 16 in some states, can pre-register now and vote the moment they turn 18. You can find our pre-registration material with specific states pre-registration policies here, or states that allow under age 18 poll workers here. Our general and state specific voter pre-registration documents can be found on our ACS pre-registration project page


Laura W. Brill, Attorney and Co-Founding Partner, Kendall Brill & Kelly LLP

Mike Burns, National Director, Fair Elections Legal Network's Campus Vote Project