September 21, 2017

Inside the Russia Investigations: How Congress and the Special Counsel Work in Parallel


This event, hosted by the ACS Chicago Lawyer Chapter and ACS DePaul University College of Law Student Chapter, explores the Russia investigations that are being conducted independently by Congress and by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Congressman Mike Quigley, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, is interviewed by former federal prosecutor, MSNBC Contributor, and ACS Chicago Board Member Renato Mariotti about the role of the Congressional investigation and the current status of the investigation.  Afterward, Renato discusses about the latest developments in the Mueller investigation and take questions from the audience.

Mariotti is a partner at Thompson Coburn LLP. Before he joined Thompson Coburn, he was a federal prosecutor in Chicago for over nine years, where he prosecuted white collar crime, including tax fraud and cybercrime. He is a legal analyst on television and in print, most frequently for MSNBC.