May 22, 2018

Building on Brown v. Board of Education


On the 64th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, the New Jersey Coalition for Diverse and Inclusive Schools filed suit to integrate New Jersey schools and fix the state’s segregated education system, ranked the 6th most segregated in the country.
Join the ACS to learn about the groundbreaking case and policies that drive longstanding discrimination. Speakers will discuss New Jersey’s history leading the way in civil rights, with landmark decisions that promote residential integration and ensure fair funding for poor urban schools. The webinar will address proposed remedies to integrate schools.

For more information on the suit brought in New Jersey and efforts to desegregate schools, visit

Hon. Gary Saul Stein, former Associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court
Elise Boddie, ACS Board Member and Professor of Law, Rutgers University
Caroline Fredrickson, ACS President (moderator)