ACS President Lauds Action on Circuit Court Nominee

April 9, 2013
ACS President Lauds Action on Circuit Court Nominee
Amanda Simon
[email protected]
Washington, D.C. –  The Senate voted today to confirm Patty Shwartz to United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Shwartz, a federal magistrate judge in Newark, New Jersey, was nominated to the court 552 days ago and originally reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee 397 days ago.
The following is a statement from American Constitution Society President Caroline Fredrickson:
“We’re pleased that Patty Shwartz’s long wait for a vote is finally over. Unfortunately, Shwartz’s lengthy and frustrating nomination process is all too typical for the president’s judicial nominees, and that must change. While today’s vote is a welcome step forward, the vacancy crisis continues to stifle our judicial system. Filling our benches must become and remain a priority for the Senate so people can have faith in our system to guarantee every American fair and swift justice.”
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