Mary Beth Tinker - The Tinker Tour

Monday, September 16, 2013 - 12:15pm - 1:15pm
The Earle Mack School of Law
3320 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

The Earle Mack School of Law Chapter of the ACS is proud to welcome Mary Beth Tinker, plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case, Tinker v Des Moines. After being suspended from school in 1965 for wearing a black armband to mourn the Vietnam War dead, Tinker and other students prevailed when the Court ruled by 7-2 in their favor.

Tinker will be headlining the “Tinker Tour”, a bus (or RV) tour across the country to promote youth voices, free speech and a free press.

“2013, the 50th anniversary of the Birmingham Childrens’ Crusade,the March on Washington and so much civil rights history is a fitting time for a student free speech tour,” Tinker said. “In our case, the Supreme Court cited Mississippi’s student activists to define students’ rights today. So, as we celebrate the power of youth voices that brought us so far, we also celebrate the young people who keep moving democracy forward by speaking up today.”
According to Lexus Nexus, the Tinker ruling has been cited in student cases almost 6,000 times, and set a precedent for students‘ rights that remains today. It is included in most high school civics and history textbooks because of its significance.
Mike Hiestand, an attorney with the Student Press Law Center, will travel with the tour to address student press rights. He has provided assistance to nearly 15,000 student journalists.
“Almost 50 years ago, we made a difference with just an armband,” Tinker said. “Now, students are using so many other tools to make a difference and keep the First Amendment alive. We’re looking forward to hearing their experiences.”