Student Chapter of the Week February 13: Vermont Law School

Monday, February 13, 2012 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Vermont Law School

The Vermont Law School Student Chapter, led by its faculty advisor, Cheryl Hannah, has been busy hosting events that shape the debate on emerging issues and provide a space for respectful and intelligent discussion. Last fall semester, the chapter discussed Keeping Faith with the Constitution after viewing ACS’s Constitutional Curriculum webinars. It also hosted a discussion about the decision in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project. The Vermont Law Student Chapter took advantage of a required course in appellate advocacy to discuss the Supreme Court’s docket. At that event, students led discussions on several notable cases including Minneci v. Pollard and United States v. Jones. This past November, the chapter went to a local school and led several classes on civics and the Constitution as part of ACS’s Constitution in the Classroom.  The chapter began the spring semester by inviting noted animal law scholar Prof. Pamela Vesilind to discuss the question: are animal rights Constitutional Rights? More recently, the Vermont Law Student Chapter partnered with Public Citizen to host a teach-in on the wide ranging effects of the Citizens United decision. Looking forward, the chapter is excited to host civil rights attorney Prof. Anthony Renzo for a discussion about the recent decision in Minneci v. Pollard. The staff attorney and executive director of the Vermont ACLU will also join the chapter to discuss their work in Vermont’s legislature and courtrooms. The semester will end with a bang when noted professor and constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley addresses the students of the Vermont Law School ACS Student Chapter.