November 6, 2017

05:00 PM

Gun Control and the First Amendment

Please join Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and ACS for a fascinating panel discussion this upcoming Monday evening regarding the intersection of the First and Second Amendments.

Dinner will be served!

In the wake of the Charlottesville demonstrations, the relationship between the First and Second Amendments has been hotly debated. Possession of firearms at demonstrations risks the chilling of speech. Progressives have felt a dichotomy between their commitment to free speech and the violence arising from alt-right rallies. We are planning to discuss recent developments in Second Amendment policy and jurisprudence and how those ideas relate to free speech debates. Primarily, we intend to discuss the increased role of firearms in demonstrations, solutions that respect free speech while also maintaining demonstrators' safety, and where we can go from here as a society and as persons seeking change in this space. We also plan to discuss how the Las Vegas massacre has impacted efforts for reform.

Our moderator is Adam Skaggs, Chief Counsel at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Our panelists are Eric Ruben from the Brennan Center for Justice, Saul Cornell, a leading constitutional scholar and Professor at Fordham university, Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor at Slate and contributing editor at Newsweek, and Martin London, Of Counsel in the Litigation Department at Paul Weiss.

We hope to see you there!