Courts Matter

The time is long past due for progressives to recognize the importance of the courts to their priority issues. Progressives need to focus more on the Supreme Court — divided 5-to-4 in many important cases – because it will likely have an enormous impact on a number of issues of great concern. Many issues that confront the Court are caught in progressive-conservative crossfire in close and contentious cases. 

Among the many issues before the high court are congressional authority to solve national economic problems, judicial integrity, criminal justice, voting rights, the separation of church and state, reproductive rights, privacy rights, national security, and more. 

How might more conservative or more progressive rulings from the Court affect these major issue areas? 

Check out the ACS paper "Courts Matter: Justice on the Line" for an analysis of the potential changes. (This one-pager provides a brief overview.)

While much attention is needed on the Supreme Court, progressives must also focus on the lower federal courts, where the majority of federal law is adjudicated. Join our Judicial Nominations Issue Group, and add your voice to the progressive movement calling for the end of judicial appointment obstruction.