ACS has lawyer chapters in over forty cities and active organizing efforts in a number of other locations. Our chapters regularly host programs on cutting edge legal issues as well as practice-based programs. And when you engage with a lawyer chapter, you will gain access to the community of lawyers, judges and elected officials who participate in lawyer chapter events in your area, fostering connections that can open doors and facilitate introductions at these events and beyond. Many of our chapters also work closely with local law school chapters to put on substantive programming, networking and mentoring events.
A list of all lawyer chapters is available hereVisit the lawyer chapters website here.
ACS’s nationwide network of student chapters is fostering a new generation of progressive leaders. Through more than 1,200 programs each year featuring renowned advocates, scholars and judges addressing a wide range of legal and policy issues, chapters educate their members about the critical issues facing our country. Working with ACS lawyer chapters and the national office, they also provide students with meaningful opportunities for professional development and mentoring; participation in substantive projects; and membership in both a local community and a national network. Currently, there are approximately 200 law school student chapters.
A list of all student chapters is available here. Visit the student chapters website here.

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