What's New in Federal Legislation

December 2, 2005

Immigration PolicyThe House of Representatives is considering legislation aimed at strengthening border security. A specific bill has not yet been introduced, but there are numerous proposals being circulated. Representative Virgil Goode (Virginia), for example, suggests building a fence along the border between the United States and Mexico. The Senate is also considering immigration legislation, including a guest-worker program proposed by Senators John McCain (Arizona) and Edward Kennedy (Massachusetts).

Video Game RestrictionsSenators Hillary Clinton (New York) and Joseph Lieberman (Connecticut) have announced their intention to introduce legislation that would prohibit the sale or rental to minors of "Adult-Only" video games. Senator Clinton stated, "I have developed this legislation to empower parents by making sure their kids can't walk into a store and buy a videogame that has graphic, violent and pornographic content."

Reducing "E-waste"With the holiday season upon us, and millions of Americans upgrading their personal electronic devices, Congress is evaluating a national standard for the disposal of old electronic devices. Proposals being considered include front-end user fees that would pay for disposal at the time of purchase, or a take-back model that would allow consumers to return their old equipment to the manufacturers.

OSHA ReformThree bills have been introduced in the Senate that would provide for modifications to the Occcupational Safety and Health Administration. The main thrust of the proposals is deregulation and voluntary compliance. For detailed evaluation of the legislation, click here.