Tuesday Blog Roundup

September 26, 2006

Feministing writes about The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act, which the House is voting on today:

According to NARAL Pro-Choice America, the Act "would impose an impossibly complex patchwork of parental-involvement laws on women and doctors across the country with the goal to curb young women's access to private, confidential health services."
The bill proposes a variety of new mandates on women, families, and doctors. Among other things:
(1) The bill forces doctors to learn and enforce 49 other states' laws, under the threat of fines and prison sentences.
(2) In many cases, CIANA forces young women to comply with two states' parental-involvement mandates.
(3) In some cases CIANA requires a doctor to notify a young woman's parents in person, in another state, before abortion services can be provided.
(4) In some cases, even if a parent travels with his or her daughter to obtain abortion care, the doctor must still give "notice" to the parent and wait 24 hours before providing the care.

The Supreme Court granted cert in nine cases today. SCOTUSBlog has the details.
One of these grants is Washington v. Washington Education Association, which asks "Does the requirement in Wash. Rev. Code [section] 42.17.760 that nonmembers [of unions] must affirmatively consent (opt-in) before their fees may be used to support the union's political agenda violate the union's first amendment rights?" Rick Hasen predicts the Court will rule against the unions.
Marty Lederman sums up his views on a revised detainee treatment bill in three words: "It Gets Worse."
Spencer Overton promotes a plan to build a National Slavery Museum on Civil War battlefields in Fredericksburg, Va.
and finally, congratulations to Judge Alex Kozinski, who was been voted the Paris Hilton of the Federal Judiciary.