Resist Trump by Volunteering

February 16, 2017

by Caroline Fredrickson

Late Show's host Stephen Colbert gave me the best Valentine’s eve presents: laughter and some straight talk.

In typical fashion in the opening monologue, Colbert satirized White House senior adviser Stephen Miller's explanation of executive power. In response to a question about the lessons of Trump's Muslim ban during an appearance on Face the Nation, Miller declared that “the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

After showing a video clip of Trump's advisor, Colbert asked “Will not be questioned? Let me test that theory. What the f--- are you talking about?” That line received the biggest applause.

We all have to question Trump. The second biggest question - after what did Trump know about Kremlingate and when did he know it - is what can we do to resist Trump?

Friends, family, colleagues and neighbors ask the (second) big question slightly differently, depending on the day and what scared them in the news. There are so many variations of this essential question:

How can we combat fake news stories?

What can I do to push back on Trump’s attacks on judges?

How can I resist the Muslim ban?

What is the best way to fight against fill in the blank millionaire or billionaire Trump cabinet pick?

There is one answer for all of these questions: volunteer.

Last week, ACS started a new page on which we collect and disseminate volunteer projects. For example, this week we encourage everyone – and I mean everyone – to contest fake news and fake history by teaching "Love Our Constitution," a classroom program in which lawyers, law students, and others concerned about our courts and legal system will conduct presentations and discussions across the United States about our highest law of the land and courts during the week of Valentine’s Day (Sunday, Feb. 12- Saturday, Feb. 18).

Help us spread the word. Tell your friends and family to check our list of volunteer projects. And most importantly, volunteer your time and show you love our Constitution by opposing unlawful presidential acts.