Presidents Day Roundup

February 19, 2007

Some school librarians are censoring a Newbery Award winning book because it uses the word "scrotum."  The Newbery is a prestigious literary award which has been described as the "Academy Award" of children's fiction.

SCOTUSBlog profiles tomorrow's oral arguments in two important sentencing guidelines cases.  Tomorrow is the Court's first session since January 22.

A member of the White House Business Advisory Committee was indicted for allegedly giving over $150,000 to a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan.

Sandy Levinson questions the wisdom of placing Commander-in-Chief authority in a President who is elected every four years and cannot be removed short of impeachment.

A Virginia legislative committee voted against a bill which would have clarified that birth control is not abortion.

Don Larsen, a military chaplain with a distinguished record, was removed from the chaplain corps after converting to Wicca and requesting that he become the military's first Wiccan chaplain.