Podcast/Interview With Goodwin Liu On 'Keeping Faith with the Constitution'

May 5, 2009
Following the recent ACS event announcing the release of Keeping Faith with the Constitution and a companion volume, called It is a Constitution We Are Expounding, co-author of Keeping Faith, Goodwin Liu talked to ACSBlog about the void in constitutional debate the book will fill.

He also said that Keeping Faith, which explores the weaknesses of "orginialism" and "strict construction," and offers an approach to interpreting the Constitution that is faithful to its principles, would prove useful in approaching debates over judicial nominations. Liu said, "There is going to be a lot of disagreement of how our Constitution should be read and interpreted and what kinds of qualities a judge should bring to that interpretation." Liu, associate dean and professor of law at UC Berkeley School of Law, co-authored Keeping Faith with Pamela H. Karlan, professor of law at Stanford Law School, and Christopher Schroeder, professor of law at Duke University School of Law.

Watch Liu's interview below, and download a podcast of the interview here.