NSCLC’s Lazarus on State Lawsuits Against Health Care Reform Law

July 12, 2010

Following his participation in a panel discussion on the health care reform law at the 2010 ACS National Convention, Simon Lazarus talked with ACSblog about the state attorneys general who have launched litigation challenging the landmark health care reform law. Lazarus, public policy counsel at the National Senior Citizens Law Center (NSCLC) and an author of an ACS Issue Brief on the health care reform legislation, called the lawsuits political grandstanding. He said if the courts "follow the law, the lawsuits will be thrown out of court." Lazarus also mentioned a recent article he co-authored with George Washington University law professor Alan Morrison for Slate, in which the two maintain that the state attorneys general should be subject to sanctions for lodging frivolous actions.

Video of the entire panel discussion, "Healthcare after Reform: Opportunities, Implementation, and Challenges," is available here. Watch Lazarus's interview below.