Obama Returning Eight Nominations, Including Dawn Johnsen's, to the Senate

January 6, 2010

With the end of Congress' 2009 term, all pending nominations were returned to the President as a matter of standard procedure. Now, eight of those nominations are once again set to be in the Senate's hands.

Steve Benen writes

Sam Stein reported that seven judicial and political appointees will be re-nominated by the president, including Dawn Johnsen, who was nominated in March to head the Office of Legal Counsel, but who can't get a floor vote, in part because conservatives disapprove of her opposition to Bush-era torture memos.

The re-nominations can't formally happen until the Senate returns on Jan. 20[.]

Of course, if the president really wanted to shake things up, he could use recess appointments and highlight their necessity in the face of a dysfunctional Senate process....

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