November 13, 2014

LegalEyes for November 13, 2014

Affordable Care Act, Alabama redistricting cases, Campaign Finance, Chief Justice John Roberts, economic inequality, King v. Burwell, LegalEyes, wealth inequality

by Caroline Cox

Linda Greenhouse asserts in The New York Times that the Supreme Court’s decision to review the challenge to the Affordable Care Act in King v. Burwell is “a naked power grab by conservative justices.”

Richard L. Hasen writes in the Los Angeles Times that Chief Justice John Roberts may not protect the Affordable Care Act in the new case before the Supreme Court.

In the New Republic, Michael Lewis argues that growing wealth inequality is bad for the poor and wealthy alike.

At the blog for the Brennan Center for Justice, Avram Billig examines the campaign finance victories of the recent election.

Nina Totenberg at NPR examines the oral argument for the Alabama redistricting cases that took place on Wednesday at the Supreme Court.