February 5, 2016

LegalEyes for February 5, 2016

Equality and Liberty, LegalEyes, Sentencing guidelines, technology and I.P.

by Jim Thompson

The United Nations has declared abortion a human right, crucial to achieving gender equality worldwide, reports Lauren Barbato at Bustle.

On Wednesday, Google Fiber announced a partnership with ConnectHome, an initiative by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the White House, to provide public housing residents with free gigabit connections, expanding access to the Internet for low-income individuals, writes Mark Bergen at Recode.

Current New Mexico law mandates a life sentence for offenders convicted of three separate violent felonies. In a move toward harsher penalties and away from national trends, the New Mexico House of Representatives passed a bill that would increase the number of felonies that qualify as “strikes” under this “three-strike” law, says P.R. Lockhart at The American Prospect.

Ellen Nakashima and Andrea Peterson at The Washington Post discuss developing negotiations between the United States and the United Kingdom that would enable the British government to service wiretap orders on American communications firms for criminal and national security investigations involving its citizens. This agreement is intended to be reciprocal.

At Race and the Law Prof Blog, Craig L. Jackson criticizes the United States Constitution’s lack of enumerated social rights, stating “in effect, our constitution is an incomplete document.”