JudicialNominations.org: New ACS Web-Based Project to Cover Nomination Process, Vacancies on the Federal Bench

July 29, 2010
The Senate is moving far too slowly on confirming judicial nominations, causing more vacancies on the federal bench and delaying justice for Americans, President Obama said earlier this week at the White House.

ACS is launching JudicialNominations.org, a resource that will offer all those concerned about the ability of federal courts to operate efficiently to stay on top of the judicial nominations process. JudicialNominations.org brings together for the first time an array of information, including an interactive map that allows the user to select an individual district or circuit court and identify the number of vacancies in that area, how long those vacancies have existed, whether anyone has been nominated to the seats, and how long nominees have waited for confirmation. The Web site will also provide links to congressional statements, videos, upcoming hearings and other events, and the latest nomination news.

During his Rose Garden address, Obama said he had urged leaders of both parties in Congress, to "work with us to fill the vacancies that continue to plague our judiciary. Right now, we've got nominees who've been waiting up to eight months to be confirmed as judges. Most of these folks were voted out of committee unanimously, or nearly unanimously, by both Democrats and Republicans. Both Democrats and Republicans agreed that they were qualified to serve. Nevertheless, some in the minority have used parliamentary procedures time and again to deny them a vote in the full Senate."

The president continued, "If we want our judicial system to work - if we want to deliver justice in our courts - then we need judges on our benches. And I hope that in the coming months, we'll be able to work together to ensure a timelier process in the Senate."

Visit JudicialNominations.org today and check back frequently to follow developments on judicial nominations and vacancies on the federal bench.