Lisa Brown

  • May 6, 2009
    Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren, the head of the oversight panel responsible for the TARP bailout fund, and Gregory Craig (below), the White House Counsel, are two of the speakers already booked for the 2009 ACS National Convention, June 18-20.

    Professor Warren will be the featured speaker at a luncheon on Saturday, June 20. Craig will be part of a plenary panel to discuss "The Levers of Change: How Progress is Made in Today's Policy Environment" on Friday afternoon. Joining Craig will be Preeta Bansal, General Counsel for OMB; Lisa Brown, White House Staff Secretary; Ron Klain, Chief of Staff, Vice President Joe Biden; Spencer A. Overton, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Office of Legal Policy; and John Podesta, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for American Progress.*

    This is one of three star-studded plenary panels that will take place during the convention. "Improving the Courts: The Perspective from the Bench," will be moderated by former New York Times Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse and includes a number of prominent federal judges. A third panel, which opens the Convention, is entitled "Keeping Faith with the Constitution, and is the theme of the convention and also the title of a book just released by ACS and written by Professors Goodwin Liu, Pamela Karlan and Christopher Schroeder. In addition to the authors, the panel will include Judges Rosemary Barkett and Jeffrey S. Sutton and will be moderated by Thomas Goldstein.