Jack Balkin

  • July 14, 2009
    Yale Law School Professors Jack M. Balkin and Reva B. Siegel talked with ACSblog at the 2009 ACS National Convention about the recent book they edited, The Constitution In 2020. Balkin and Siegel also participated in a panel discussion today at the National Press Club about the book. Video of that event will be available soon on the ACS Web site. In his interview with ACSblog, Balkin said the big ideas of the book are: "First, we should be faithful to the text of the Constitution, its text, its underlying principles, second we should understand that the Constitution is a democratic instrument and that we believe in democratic constitutionalism, and the third is that the Constitution is a work in progress, something that we work toward to make better, something that we work toward to redeem in history."

    Siegel, a deputy dean and professor at Yale Law School, talked with ACSblog about the ideas that helped spur creation of The Constitution In 2020. Watch the interviews with Balkin and Siegel, or download video podcasts of them here. For more information about The Constitution In 2020 and to join an online discussion about the book visit a blog of the same name here.

  • May 13, 2009

    Congratulations to Profs. Reva Siegel and Jack Balkin, regular ACS contributors, who co-edited the just released compilation The Constitution in 2020. Balkin observes:

    The contributors to the book include some of the best known names in constitutional and civil rights law, including the Deans of Yale and Stanford, the President of the American Association of Law Schools, several nominees for positions in the new Obama Administration, and indeed, several people who have been mentioned as potential Supreme Court nominees. The book tackles a wide range of issues, including the challenge of new technologies, presidential power, international human rights, religious liberty, freedom of speech, voting, reproductive rights, and economic rights. 

    Balkin and Siegel will be headlining a panel discussion on the book at the 2009 ACS National Convention. All attendees of the Convention will receive complimentary copies of this important volume.