James Colligan, Lawyer Chapters Fellow

James Colligan became the ACS Lawyer Chapters Fellow in July 2013 after joining the organization as an intern in February 2013. James assists with the programming logistics for ACS’s national network of lawyer chapters and helps to conduct outreach to individual members to strengthen their role in the ACS network. As an intern, he provided administrative support to all departments at the ACS national office and helped with event planning and organizational communications.

Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, James is fluent in French. In 2008, he moved to D.C. to study at American University. He majored in International Studies with a focus on U.S. Foreign Policy, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa region. He also completed a minor in contemporary History.

In 2012, James interned at the Truman National Security Project, a non-profit think tank specializing in foreign affairs. He conducted research on international affairs for then Vice President Michael Breen. James also was a member on the Communications Team, providing support to various projects.

He enjoys physical activities such as running, swimming and hiking. James also spends his free time reading and writing. His interests range from international affairs to domestic politics, passing by criminal justice and national security.