Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

Statement from ACS President Caroline Fredrickson

“President Trump’s reckless Executive Order is a dangerous assault on real people, their families and our Constitution. The order violates the law by targeting people on the basis of their religion and causes irreparable harm to rights of refugees and legal immigrants. We stand with all who have been detained in our nation’s airports and the lawyers and others who have come together to protect and defend them.  It is so vital for our democracy that we have an independent judiciary to ensure rule of law and access to justice -- may it remain so.”   

Listen In

On Monday Jan. 30, ACS hosted a briefing call discussing President Trump’s Executive Order barring admission into the United States from seven predominantly Muslim countries for 90 days, suspending all refugee admissions for 120 days, and barring any entry by Syrian refugees without time limitation. Listen here.

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